Top Things to do in Destin Florida

Top Things to do in Destin Florida (10+ Fun Activities)

What do an annual horde of 3.6 million vacationers have in common?

Updated January 28, 2018

They are all headed to Destin, Florida! And you can hardly blame or fault their choice. But what are the best things to do in Destin?

From readily available deep sea fishing charters to world-class golf courses, sandy white beaches, parasailing, Segway tours, state parks, Destin has it all. 

So, if you ever want to pay Destin a visit, here is a list of top things you should aim to do and see while in the city.

1. Deep Sea Fishing:

In a City known as the 'World's Luckiest Fishing Village' of course, you want to do some fishing. And with the largest fishing vessel fleet in the entire state of Florida, there is an abundance of Charters and vessels to choose from.

Take, for instance, Boggy Bayou Guide Service, a one-stop shop for offshore fishing trips. What kind of fish would you like to reel-in? Tuna? Snapper? Amberjack? Trigger Fish? You are in for one unforgettable lifetime experience.

2. The Beach:

However, if all you want to do all day is to stretch under the sun, lounging on the sand (with the sunscreen of course), then you have a 24-mile stretch of playground. The sand on Destin Beaches comes from the Appalachian Mountains and its made of fine quartz crystal giving the appearance of sugar. The beach has 13 access points, so there are several spots to choose from, like the 'resortful' Crystal Beach, Miramar Beach with its bustling boulevard and colorful shops. If you are planning a family vacation though, you might consider the State Parks like Henderson Beach State Park which offers picnic pavilions, campsites and restrooms. Since Henderson is also located away from resorts, it's also known to be less busy than other popular beaches.

3. The Village of Baytowne Wharf:

Away from the bubble and hustle of the beach, the village is the perfect spot for the ultimate nightlife in Destin. Not to mention free concerts, flyboard shows and movies under the stars. In short, if you are in Destin, this is one of the spots to check off your list.

4. Golf:

Just as the beach is synonymous with Florida, so also is golf. It is estimated that there are about 1,100 holes of golf sets in Florida alone. However, a huge amount of these courses, some of the best of the best, are located in Destin. For instance, courses like Kelly Plantation Golf Course, Regatta Bay Golf Course, Emerald Bay Golf Club, Seascape Golf Resort, Indian Bayou Golf Club, just to name a few.

5. Private Banana Boat Tour:

You fancy some Dolphins? Then get on the Banana Boat Tour. Beginning from Destin Harbour to as far as Crab Island, for about an hour of fun-packed adventure, you will be exposed to amazing sea life you have only been watching on TV. Only disclaimer: Not recommended for pregnant women and those with back problems.


6. Ninety Minute Destin Segway Tour:

Enough of the fishing expedition, it is time to glide through Destin history. This Segway tour guarantees a fun ride of important landmarks and historical spots with stops at Destin History and Fishing Museum, Clement Taylor Park, Marler Bridge and the Harbour.


7. Destin Commons:

You know your visit to Destin is not done until you pay a visit to the Destin Commons. Voted as the "Best Place to Shop", the center features 90 stores and restaurants, 14-screen stadium-styled movie theatre, Uncle Buck's Fish Bowl and Grill just to mention a few. If you are with kids, then there is also an interactive children's pop fountain and a conducive soft play area.


8. Beach Sand Sculptures:

Ready to change things up a bit? How about sculpturing sandcastles? Step away from the usual activities and treat your children to memorable sand sculpture class.

The company, Mobile Sandcastle Lessons will send a teacher to meet you on your beach and in no time, you will have other vacationers come near with their cameras to take pictures of your amazing work of art. They are that good.


9. Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park:

This is perhaps the closest you can get to sea creatures without getting your hair wet. You get to encounter Starfish, photograph great blue Herons, cluck at Penguin and marvel at Stingrays. How about Sea Lions, Dolphins, Widdles? Then check out Gulfrarium Marine Adventure Park!

10. Buccaneer Pirate Cruise:

It's time to go treasure hunting! Aboard the 100-foot US Coast Gaurd approved vessel, the pirate cruise offers an interactive and family-friendly cruise across the Choctawhatchee Bay. On board, your kids(even you) will be treated to basic skills of pirating: water gun battles, sword fights, pirate songs, dances, stories and yes, treasure hunts. The Buccaneer Pirate Cruise is a two-hour adventure cruise you will not forget in a hurry.

11. Private Dolphin Tour on a Jet Ski:

You are in Florida, you must see Dolphins, live! This special guided tour guarantees an up close and personal view of Dolphins in their natural habitat, from the comfort of a jet ski. This is maximum fun that only adults should attempt though.

12. Wild Willy's Adventure Zone:

This is far from the beaches but it nonetheless Wild Willy's Adventure Zone assures a rewarding experience. True to its name, it is indeed an adventurous zone. It features an arcade, several restaurants, and 5-minutes intriguing 4D movies. If you don't like being attacked by dinosaurs and lung-bursting screams, then maybe you can stay clear.

13. Just Chute Me Parasail:

To cap your adventure in Destin, why don't you go parasailing? It is safe and offers a once in a lifetime thrilling experience. Your takeoffs and landing happen on the deck and you can spend at least 10-12 minutes floating in the air! What's more, you can either choose to get your feet wet or stay dry but you can go as high as 400 feet above sea level with amazing and spectacular views of the Destin Beaches and the Emerald Coast.

Without a doubt, Destin is a vacationer's best dream come through.

Hopefully, this piece has done its job by providing you a tip with insights into the amount of fun that awaits you in the city.

What's on your list of the top things to do in Destin?

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