Amberjack fishing season in Destin Florida

Amberjack season is open the entire month of May, don’t miss out on this very exciting fishery. Pound for pound amberjacks are up there with tuna for the hardest fighting fish in the Gulf. Amberjack can be caught several ways, here are a few very successful strategies:
  • On shallow wrecks one of the best way to catch amberjack is to tie a circle hook straight to your main line with no leader and fly line a live bait on top, using live chum to work the jacks in to a feeding frenzy.
  • Butter fly jigs are also very productive, use about a 20” 60lb leader and vertical jig, this is a more interactive strategy that produces bites.
  • The most reliable way is to use the slip lead or carolina rig style, you want to use a 12’ 60-80lb test leader and a circle hook, jacks get a little lead shy that’s why you want a long leader. Jacks like to chase their food so make sure your baits are big and lively, give them a little time to eat the bait and then hang on.
Once you have the jacks eating try to always keep a bait in the water to keep the jack excited keeping them close to you, they will swim away if there isn’t food for them to eat.
If you are wanting to test your strength with one of these power houses give “Boggy Bayou Guide Service” a call and book your next fishing adventure aboard the charter vessel “King of Kings”. Hope to see you on the docks, have a blessed day! 850-499-6644

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