Basic Saltwater Trolling Techniques

saltwater trolling in destin fl

Trolling is a tried and true method of saltwater fishing that yields a large variety of catches whether you’re off or near the shoreline. While it isn’t the first choice when fishing, anglers have started learning more about this technique to improve their fishing hauls. Whether one is trolling the waters quickly or slowly, near…

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Best Time of Day for Saltwater Fishing

what is the best time of day to go saltwater fishing

Figuring out what lures to bring along on your saltwater fishing trip is just one of many details you get to look forward to when planning your excursion. Many anglers already know where they want to fish at, how long they’ll go out for, and what kind of catches they hope to bring home. Knowing…

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How to Prepare Fish for Your Flight Back Home

what to do with fish after a fishing trip

It’s the end of your amazing deep-sea fishing trip where you created fantastic memories and caught a ton of fish. Now you need a way to bring it home. Knowing how to do this if you got there by plane might seem impossible, considering the strict TSA rules about what you can bring onboard a…

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Top Reasons to Take Kids Deep Sea Fishing

Deep sea fishing is the perfect family adventure that participants of almost any age will enjoy. Some of the most amazing memories you can create with your children are fishing in the deep ocean and seeing their catch erupt from the dark waters beneath your boat. If you’re wondering what awaits you by taking your…

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How to Identify Popular Types of Snapper in Florida

One of the most common game fish that swim in Florida waters is the snapper. While many anglers enjoy catching the red snapper, there are several types of this fish species thriving in the warmer waters of the Sunshine State. Since there are more than 100 species worldwide, there’s a broad variety of this fish,…

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Top Items to Pack on a Destin Fishing Charter

You’ve arrived in sunny Destin, Florida, and it’s time to start your vacation itinerary. First on your list is a Destin fishing charter in the Gulf of Mexico. Preparing for your excursion is simple and easy as long as you know what to bring along. This important step involves several factors for a successful packing…

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Red Snapper Season Opens June 11 in the Gulf of Mexico

destin florida fishing charter

It’s that time of year again where avid anglers get the chance to bring home the prized special, a red snapper. Novice and professional anglers alike will travel to the Emerald Coast from all parts of the country to take part in the season. Due to the value placed on the red snapper species, there…

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Deep Sea Fishing Tips for First-Timers

beginner deep sea fishing tips

Deep sea fishing is a time of peace and adventure. The open ocean is before you and a memorable day is in the works. Nothing quite compares to a tropical experience like spending some time to do some offshore fishing, especially with the convenience of a fishing charter. If it’s your first-time deep sea fishing,…

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Preparing for a Deep Sea Fishing Charter in Destin

where to deep sea fish in the panhandle florida

Fishing charters are exceptionally relaxing, which can be surprising if your best reference to deep sea fishing comes from shows like “Shark Men”. The ocean offers a tranquil atmosphere and Destin, Florida is known to have all the fish to make the time worthwhile. Many anglers choose Destin for the chance to be a real…

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7 Shark Fishing Tips for Your Destin, Florida Vacation

A mako shark being held on a boat in Destin, Florida.

Calling all adventure junkies! *Cue Jaws theme song* Have you ever hunted for an apex predator? As in a big, muscular, elusive shark? *Duunnn dunnn. . . Duuunnn duun. . . Duunnnnnnn dun dun dun dun dunnnnnnnnn dunnn* No!? Then you’ve been missing out! Shark fishing charters are continuing to gain popularity as one of…

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Everything You Need to Know About Deep Sea Fishing in Destin, Florida

deep sea fishing off the coast of destin florida

Do you live in the sunny city of Destin, Florida? Or are you planning to visit the World’s Luckiest Fishing Village any time soon? The town has been famous for its fishing since before it was so named in October of 1956. Destin is home to renowned fishing locations, some of which cover the depths of the…

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Destin fishing report 6/9/18

Destin fishing report 6/9/18 The marine forecast for the next several days is calling for a light southwest wind in the afternoon with a 1-3 foot sea. Being summer time there is always a chance of an afternoon shower or thunderstorm but most of those stay well inland. Nearshore/beach 0-9 miles There has been a…

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Destin, Florida – History Behind the Name

Destin, What’s in a Name? What is the meaning behind the notable name that is now synonymous with some of the most beautiful beaches and most abundant  fishing in the world? Interestingly, the name “Destin” has a French origin and means “destiny.” Many think it was indeed destiny that brought a resilient and determined young…

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Amberjack fishing season in Destin Florida

Amberjack season is open the entire month of May, don’t miss out on this very exciting fishery. Pound for pound amberjacks are up there with tuna for the hardest fighting fish in the Gulf. Amberjack can be caught several ways, here are a few very successful strategies: On shallow wrecks one of the best way…

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Destin Fishing Report 5/10/18

Updated May 10, 2018: The weather for the upcoming week looks absolutely beautiful with sunny days all the way to the weekend, day time highs in the upper 80’s and lower 70’s for over night lows. The marine forecast is calling for light winds and calm seas all week. Nearshore/beach- fishing has been very productive…

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Red Snapper, fun to catch, and so delicious to eat!

The red snapper is the most sought after fish in the Gulf of Mexico, due to it pretty colors, hard fighting and delicate meat. The red snapper out of destin near the beach average 3-4lbs with some mid range 6-10lbs and some fish weighing in over 14lbs Offshore you will find a little better grade…

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Destin fishing report 4/16/2018

Destin fishing report update:  4/16/2018 Last week brought stout southeast winds, sun and warm air. A cold system moved through Sunday morning bringing cooler temps but the southeast winds and warm air should return in a couple days. Nearshore/beach- with higher air temps warming the water and the southeast winds blowing there has been a…

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Spring is finally here

Spring is here bringing with it warmer weather, blossoming of new flowers and the beginning of life and it’s no different out on the water. As the seasons change from the cold winter months to the hot summer months spring brings a pleasant mix of both (sometimes) but one thing for sure is the abundance…

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Destin’s Blessing of the Fleet

Destin’s Blessing of the Fleet. The Blessing of the Fleet is a tradition that began centuries ago in Mediterranean fishing communities. The practice began predominantly Catholic, but is now practiced by all Christians. Every year shortly after Easter, the Destin fishing fleet, private boats, and cruise ships gather together to celebrate the rich tradition and…

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Destin florida fishing report 4/3/18

Destin florida fishing report update: 4/3/18 The weather has finally been getting real pretty, the wind has calmed down and temperatures are rising. In shore fishing- with the high winds over the last week its been hard to get out in the Gulf but the spanish mackerel bite inside the rocks and around crab island…

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Hook and Cook after your Deep Sea Fishing Excursion

Hook and Cook after your Deep Sea Fishing Excursion, delicious! Nothing is better than a never frozen, fresh fish dinner. It is even better when you caught it just hours before. Not to mention the pride you will have knowing that the work you put in on your deep sea fishing trip paid off! We…

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Destin FL, fishing report 4/27/2018

Destin FL, fishing report update: 4/27/2018 The weather for the end of march has not be very kind with high winds being the biggest problem but with the gusty days the fishing has still be great. Proving that there is always something to catch in Destin! Inshore fishing- the sheepshead bite has slowed down but…

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Native Destin Fishing technologies

Native Destin Fishing technologies Some wonder where did the techniques we use today come from? Turns out modern day fisherman really didn’t reinvent the wheel…fisherman have been using similar techniques for generations. Techniques that even todays charter fishermen use on their daily fishing trips. These techniques are still being used offshore and in the back…

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Origin of Destin’s white sand beaches 

Origin of Destin’s white sand beaches The unique sands on Destin, FL beaches are among the whitest, cleanest and softest sand anywhere in the world. Every gain of Destin’s white sand came from very ancient southern Appalachian mountain quartz, brought into the Gulf of Mexico by the Appalachian river long ago via wind and water…

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Boggy Bayou Guide Service, Destin fishing report 3/20

Boggy Bayou Guide Service, Destin fishing report 3/20 Areas of dense fog, rain and wind once again kicked off the week but the good news is it’s going to clear up and get a little warmer as the week goes by. Inshore fishing has been good with steady bites of trout and redfish in the…

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Shark Fishing in Destin FL

Shark fishing trip - destin fl

Shark Fishing in Destin FL Destin has some of the best shark fishing anywhere in the world, destin used to host an annual shark tournament every summer up to the early 90’s except for 2006 when destin had on last shark tournament. Shark fishing in destin can be broke up into two different styles: Near…

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Boggy Bayou Guide Service Destin fishing report 3/13/2018

Boggy Bayou Guide Service Destin fishing report 3/13/2018 The first of the week brought with it rain, wind and cooler weather. The rest of the week is calling for sunshine with highs in the upper 60’s and lows in the mid 40’s. The inshore bite has been very steady with good catches of sheepshead by…

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Crawfish Boils- Destin, Florida

cook your catch offshore fishing

Crawfish Boils- Destin, Florida   Spring is the peak of crawfish season, that means for just about every weekend or holiday from late february to the beginning of June family and friends of all ages will be gathering around a big table piled high with these tasty crustaceans and keg or cooler full a beer.…

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Destin FL Charter Fishing Season is HERE!

destin deep sea fishing

Destin FL Charter Fishing Season is HERE! We are starting to see why Destin is know as the luckiest and BEST little fishing village in the world! The weather and water temperatures are starting to rise and we have already seen the first couple Cobia caught on the pier as well as the first traditional…

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Triggerfish Season Destin Florida

offshore fishing near destin florida

Grey triggerfish, delicacy of the sea. Triggerfish is one of the best tasting fish in the gulf but that wasn’t always the case, back in the middle of the 1900’s triggerfish was considered a trash fish and was thrown back until one brave soul kept one and tried it and there was born one of…

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Spring is here! Destin Spring Fishing 2018

destin florida - jetski dolphin tour

Spring is here! With the temperatures rising and water temps starting to approach 70 the fishing starts to heat up. With the last few weeks of good weather we have seen increasing numbers of King Mackerels and even more impressive, Black Fin Tuna. Here in the approaching weeks we will also start seeing the Cobia…

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The Great Mako Shark – Destin Flordia

The Great Mako Shark As the Cobia and Tarpon migration near, we anxiously await the arrival of one of the largest apex predators in the ocean…The Mako shark. The Mako shark is the fastest species of shark in the ocean and is commonly referred to as the falcon of the seas. Because of the Makos…

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A salute to our Military

Jay turned on the dock light before walking out the back door of his bayshore house, walking around the swimming pool and down a few stone steps lined with railroad ties to the dock that jotted out 150’ unto choctawhatchee bay, tip toeing out to the end of the dock being very careful not to…

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Cobia Fishing in Destin Florida

Cobia Fishing in Destin Florida A little expert from our very own, Captain Jayson’s father…Jay Cee Self:   Spring is a magical time of year to the Gulf coast of Florida. Gentle southeast winds and rising temperatures were signaling the arrival of the cobia, lemonfish or ling to the northern Gulf of Mexico. From the…

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Tournament Time – Fishing Season 2018 – Destin, FL Fishing Charters

It’s Tournament Time! The crew of Boggy Bayou Guide Service is pleased to announce our 2018 Spring Tournament Schedule.  To kick the year off we will fish the annual Sheepshead shootout hosted by The Ships Chandler. This tournament is on March 3rd with a cookout following a fun day of fishing. Sheepshead are spawning this time of…

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January and February – Cold Weather Fishing

florida panhandle fishing charter

There is usually always something to catch in destin even during the cold winter months. The sheepshead start their spawn in the late winter/early spring and is an awesome way to spend time on the water, live shrimp and light tackle is the top choice for sheepshead fisherman. Another option is sight fishing for migrating…

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Cooler Weather, Hot Fishing in Destin, FL – 2017

offshore fishing trip near destin

With the weather cooling down it seems the fishing is heating up! This week we filled coolers and put smiles on our customer’s faces! With our own private fishing spots, we are sure to put you on big fish especially on the longer trips. This week we caught several groupers, lesser amberjacks and a nice…

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2017 Harbor Docks King Mackerel Tournament

The Crew of Boggy Bayou does it again! Another great tournament showing for Boggy Bayou Guide Service, as the Lethal Mission Fishing Team wrangles in a 1st place Blackfin Tuna and a 3rd place overall King Mackerel. This js the second year in a row that our crew has done extremely well at the Harbor…

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Cobia Sightings and King Mackerel Caught!

King Mackerel Caught in Destin Florida

With the weather getting warmer and the water temps climbing, we are seeing the fishing heat up as well. Now that the Cobia are migrating down the beaches the Kings have started to show up as well. We have been having good hauls of Kings and occasional Cobia and of course the usual bottom fish.…

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Sheepshead Are Biting!

Destin Sheepshead fishing

The sheepshead bite couldn’t be hotter! We are catching coolers full every trip out around the jetties and under the Destin Bridge. Call us today and we will put you on them!

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