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Jayson Self - Destin Charter Boat Captain Florida

"Chubbs" Jayson Self

Charter Captain

Captain Jayson Self was born in Riverside, California to a preacher turned real estate developer father and a “do everything she needed to” mom.

Captain Jayson’s fishing career started in 1985 with vacations to Destin. He started out on Pinfish and Catfish, and was hooked for life! Over the next four years the Self family would spend the summers in Destin, fishing weekly with Destin legend, Caption Tommy Browning. Captain Self cut his teeth fishing with the best fishermen the Gulf had to offer for cobia, marlin, and shark! By the late 80s, Captain Self was an accomplished tournament fisherman, having fished many tournaments with none other than his mother, Ms. Dot, as his teammate. Captain Self and his mother took many awards is several divisions, and were soon a force to be reckoned with on the Destin tournament scene. When they weren’t tournament fishing their favorite pastimes were big grouper fishing and deepwater trolling. While his father didn’t fish much, he always came along to watch and take pictures, thus instilling a deep sense of family, fishing, and fun for Captain Jayson, and the Self Family.


When the Selfs weren’t plying the waters of the Emerald Coast for their favorite quarry, they’d take destination fishing excursions to places such as Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. On these trips Captain Jayson added several exotic billfish to his credit, including catching his first blue marlin at the age of 6 years-old!

As his High school years wound down, Jayson earned a 2nd mate position aboard one of Destin’s finest tournament fishing boats, the 62’ GNS ‘Mollie”. Over the next two years, Jayson experienced some of the most intense tournament fishing the Gulf has to offer, as well as galvanized the fundamentals every Destin fisherman comes to know and love while fishing these waters.

After a two year tenure on with the ‘Mollie’ fishing team, Jayson amicably parted ways and fished with private fishing teams as a swing-mate, or fill in, while also free lancing on charter boats. It was during this time that Jayson also gained a smorgasbord of experience aboard every type of vessel Destin has to offer, from snorkel boats to high speed dolphin cruises, as well as commercial fishing. This time allowed Captain Self to add a smorgasbord of skills and techniques to his repertoire while simultaneously preparing him to easily qualify for Captain’s School and the rigorous Coast Guard testing that follows.

In 2015, Captain Jayson was able to realize the family dream of owning his own charter fishing boat and once again make a living fishing full time. Captain Jayson introduced the ‘King of Kings’ in spring of 2016 as his re-entrance into the Destin Charter Fleet and has now collaborated with Boggy Bayou Guide Service to also run the NAME OF BOAT HERE as a his sophomoric effort.

Just like the old times, fishing is once again a family affair in the Self home. While Captain Self’s father is no longer with us, he still lives in spirit through the way the family business is operated on a daily basis. Captain Self is proud to say that he daily lives with a “never give up” attitude and wakes up every morning ready to chase his dreams, does it all with a love for Jesus Christ, who died for our sins! The boat “King of Kings” is a living memorial to Mr. Jayson Self Sr. and the values he instilled in his son.

When he’s not on the water, Captain self enjoys, hunting, reading, listening to music and a good o’fashioned pick-up basketball game. He graduated from rock bayou Christian school and attend Okaloosa Walton community college, He is also a member in good standing at Immanuel Anglican Church in Destin, Florida.

Tournament accomplishments:

  • 1987 harbor dock blue marlin shootout 2nd place over all, blue marlin 230.6lbs
  • 1989 destin shark tournament jr angler 1st place, bull shark 361lbs
  • 1990 destin cobia tournament junior angler 1st place, cobia 70lbs
  • 1991 destin shark tournament jr angler 1st place, bull shark 388lbs
  • 1996 cobia world championship junior jig casting champion
  • 1996 bay point invitational billfish tournament 3rd place dolphin, 42lbs
  • 1997 pensacola billfish tournament 2nd place, blue marlin 340lbs?
  • 1997 bay point invitational billfish tournament 3rd place dolphin, 43lbs
  • 2005 destin shark tournament 1st place overall, tiger shark 765.6lbs
  • 2016 destin fishing rodeo 1st place shark, bull shark 177.1lbs
  • 2016 destin fishing rodeo 1st place tuna, yellowfin 177.6lbs

Captain Si Nelson is a life long native of Florida’s Emerald Coast. He’s been an outdoorsman nearly his entire life and derives no greater pleasure than sharing his passion with others. Capt. Si can hardly find any greater joy than taking a kid fishing and is literally more at home on the Gulf Coast waterways than at his own kitchen table.

In past years he has served as columnist and contributor to GAFF Magazine and has taught workshops for Bass Pro Shops World Wide Sportsman in Destin, Florida. Captain Si is a United States Coast Guard endorsed 100 ton Captain and has worked in every body of water from Matagorda,Texas to Long Island Sound. He is a member in good standing at Trinity Presbyterian Church of Valparaiso, Florida, a husband to Caitie Beth, and father to Jackson, Charlotte, and David.

Si Nelson - Destin Charter Boat Captain

Si Neslon

Charter Captain

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