Charter Fishing Trip Prep

Basic Saltwater Trolling Techniques

saltwater trolling in destin fl

Trolling is a tried and true method of saltwater fishing that yields a large variety of catches whether you’re off or near the shoreline. While it isn’t the first choice when fishing, anglers have started learning more about this technique to improve their fishing hauls. Whether one is trolling the waters quickly or slowly, near…

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Best Time of Day for Saltwater Fishing

what is the best time of day to go saltwater fishing

Figuring out what lures to bring along on your saltwater fishing trip is just one of many details you get to look forward to when planning your excursion. Many anglers already know where they want to fish at, how long they’ll go out for, and what kind of catches they hope to bring home. Knowing…

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How to Prepare Fish for Your Flight Back Home

what to do with fish after a fishing trip

It’s the end of your amazing deep-sea fishing trip where you created fantastic memories and caught a ton of fish. Now you need a way to bring it home. Knowing how to do this if you got there by plane might seem impossible, considering the strict TSA rules about what you can bring onboard a…

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Top Items to Pack on a Destin Fishing Charter

You’ve arrived in sunny Destin, Florida, and it’s time to start your vacation itinerary. First on your list is a Destin fishing charter in the Gulf of Mexico. Preparing for your excursion is simple and easy as long as you know what to bring along. This important step involves several factors for a successful packing…

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