Destin’s Blessing of the Fleet

Destin’s Blessing of the Fleet.

The Blessing of the Fleet is a tradition that began centuries ago in Mediterranean fishing communities. The practice began predominantly Catholic, but is now practiced by all Christians.
Every year shortly after Easter, the Destin fishing fleet, private boats, and cruise ships gather together to celebrate the rich tradition and history of the Destin harbor. For over 60 years, on Ascension Day, pastors from Destin’s churches gather behind the fisherman’s co-op for the annual event that began on May 30, 1957. The Blessing of the Fleet celebrates those who make their living from the sea and prays for safe passage and bountiful catches.
Many believe the Blessing of the   Fleet has protected our shores and it’s hard to argue that the event hasn’t helped the community weather some storms. The Blessing of Fleet is an opportunity for visitors and locals alike to celebrate Destin, the Gulf of Mexico and to thank God for the amazing opportunity to enjoy this natural resource and make a living from the sea.
The Blessing of the Fleet is free and open to the public. The event will be held on May 10, 2018 and begins at 4:00pm with a short service followed by a boat parade into the Destin harbor. Shortly after 5:00pm the public is invited to attend a community fish fry to benefit Fisherman for Christ, a charitable organization designed to help the crew and mates of the charter fishing fleet in times of need. While the event is free, a donation, or love offering, is requested for the fish fry.
Some critics say that Destin has lost its “small town charm” and appeal. If you need a little reminder of the perseverance of Destin’s small town community and how it became the “World’s Luckiest Fishing Village”, make it a point to check out the Blessing of The Fleet. It is a community tradition unlike any other in Destin.
Hope to see you on the dock! +Have a blessed day+
Courtesy of Wikipedia and destin buccaneer pirate cruises


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