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The Great Mako Shark

As the Cobia and Tarpon migration near, we anxiously await the arrival of one of the largest apex predators in the ocean…The Mako shark.

The Mako shark is the fastest species of shark in the ocean and is commonly referred to as the falcon of the seas. Because of the Makos incredible speeds in attacks its prey with such force that they have been known to sky into the air and actually land in fishing boats. Thus making them dangerous to humans.

The Cobia and tarpon happen to be high on the Mako sharks menu which is why you start seeing them during the spring migration. The Mako will swim under its prey until the opportune moment and swim vertically at its prey causing immediate immobilization. The Mako shark consumes over 3% of its weight every day.

What does this mean for fishing…
It means that we will always have a shark rig handy in case one of these bad boys (or girls) show themselves while fishing for Cobia or Tarpon. Once a Mako is hooked you better prepare for a “High Flying Adventure” because these sharks are known to put on a show on top of the water by jumping and twisting in the air.

If you are lucky enough to land one of these beasts you have also plated yourself some delicious table fair. Mako nuggets are some of our favorite.

Our captains here at Boggy Bayou Guide Service also happen to be the best at locating sharks for our clients.
Standby for a shark fishing report as the spring unfolds.

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