Hook and Cook after your Deep Sea Fishing Excursion

Hook and Cook after your Deep Sea Fishing Excursion, delicious!

Nothing is better than a never frozen, fresh fish dinner. It is even better when you caught it just hours before. Not to mention the pride you will have knowing that the work you put in on your deep sea fishing trip paid off!
We always encourage our customers to take the fish that they just caught on there trip to our friends at Harbor Docks to have it prepared. The great thing about this is that they will cook it how you want it! Fried, Grilled, Broiled you can’t go wrong at harbor Docks.
We have had so many of our friends and customers say that the hook and cook was just the icing on the cake for their Destin Fishing experience.
Captain Jayson makes it easy too, you will walk away from the trip with all of your fish de-boned, de skinned and packaged ready to eat whether you are hooking and cooking or taking it home to have a home cooked meal.
We are looking forward to April fishing with the Cobia starting to show up! Nothing makes for better table fair than the elusive Cobia! Grilled, fried, or the ever favorite lemon butter garlic broiled cobia you can’t go wrong.
Don’t forget to book your Cobia trip this april for a chance at some of the best table fare in the Gulf Of Mexico!
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