where to deep sea fish in the panhandle florida

Preparing for a Deep Sea Fishing Charter in Destin

Fishing charters are exceptionally relaxing, which can be surprising if your best reference to deep sea fishing comes from shows like “Shark Men”. The ocean offers a tranquil atmosphere and Destin, Florida is known to have all the fish to make the time worthwhile. Many anglers choose Destin for the chance to be a real trophy angler for all their great catches.

What to Bring on The Boat

It’s always best to prepare for colder weather on a  Destin deep sea fishing trip, so dress in warm layers. There is storage on the boat if you should happen not to need the extra clothing. Out on the water can make for the ideal place to create great family memories, so feel free to bring children along.


While the charter will provide the necessities for a great fishing trip like bait, ice, and other essentials, these items are useful to pack:

  • Snacks, meals, and drinks you’d like and lots of water
  • Sunscreen! The Florida sun is brutal
  • Sunglasses, hats, and any outerwear such as jackets or rain gear. (Fl weather can be unpredictable)
  • A spare pair of dry clothes, because you never know
  • Some brews, if you’d like. Most charters will not permit hard liquor
  • Service dogs, if necessary
  • Medications, if necessary

To get the best out of your deep sea fishing trip, prepare as best as possible. Taking cash is always advised to make quick purchases, and to tip the crew for an excellent service.

All Onboard

Once you get on the boat, store your gear away from the deck as it gets wet and has consistent traffic. Once your gears are stored, follow these steps to get settled.

  • Sign in on the ship’s manifest
  • Introduce yourself to the crew (deckhands) and learn their names
  • Get a bag for your fish

All fishing charters are private, allowing a team of up to six and the crew.

Safety on Deck

The captain will provide instructions on where to find safety equipment like life vests, give an idea of how the day will proceed, and tell you how to rig up. Be attentive while the captain speaks. If you happen to miss anything, a crew member can assist with your questions.

Getting Ready to Fish

Wait to drop your line until the captain says its time. Dropping your line too early can lead to tangled lines, and you’ll need to reel in and reset anyway. Wait for the green light; this will indicate when you’re at the fishing ground, and when the boat fully settles.


Feel free to bait your hook early when using squid. When using live fish to bait, wait until you’re ready to fish to ensure you have a lively fish as bait.

What Will You Most Likely Catch?

The trip you choose determines your catch. For inshore trips, we mainly target the speckled trout and redfish; however depending on the time of year, or your preference there are several others to catch.

On offshore trips, guests typically catch:

  • Amberjack
  • Sharks
  • Triggerfish
  • Red Snapper
  • Black Snapper
  • Grouper

Offshore fishing trips offer a variety of catches. Tell us your preferences if you don’t see your favorite catch listed. Most of these catches are delicious when fried or grilled, and our partners at the dock are happy to cook your catch after your trip. To see catches we’ve had before, check out our fishing gallery.

Choose a Local Destin Fishing Charter

Recreational fishing is one of the most popular outdoor sports in the United States. When choosing this grand activity, it’s essential to consider the charter you choose also determine the time you have on the water, so consider your options. Boggy Bayou has several types of cruises for you to choose from and several happy anglers who enjoyed our service. Contact us at 850-499-6644 for your next Destin Deep Sea Fishing charter.


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