Red Snapper, fun to catch, and so delicious to eat!

The red snapper is the most sought after fish in the Gulf of Mexico, due to it pretty colors, hard fighting and delicate meat.
The red snapper out of destin near the beach average 3-4lbs with some mid range 6-10lbs and some fish weighing in over 14lbs
Offshore you will find a little better grade of fish averaging 6-10lbs, mid range 14-16lbs and some getting up over 20lbs
You can anchor up on natural bottom and chum the black snapper and red snapper up to the surface and catch them on 30 lb spinning tackle with just a hook tied to your main line and a piece of cut bait.
The best way to catch snapper out of destin is using slip lead or carolina rig with a 6’ 40-60lb test mono leader, a 4/0-6/0 owner circle hooks and live bait. Bait of choice is live cigar  minnow or bonita strips
Snapper season is very limited has far as days and availability, Gulf state season opens June 11-July 20, make sure you book your trip with “Boggy Bayou Guide Service” and catch you some of these red snapper. Hope to see you on the docks and have a blessed day. 850-499-6644

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