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Red Snapper Season Opens June 11 in the Gulf of Mexico

It’s that time of year again where avid anglers get the chance to bring home the prized special, a red snapper. Novice and professional anglers alike will travel to the Emerald Coast from all parts of the country to take part in the season. Due to the value placed on the red snapper species, there are specific guidelines fishermen must follow.

What Private Anglers Need to Know for Red Snapper Season

Each Gulf State submitted an Exempted Fishing Permit (EEP) application in 2018. This application allows each state to set the private angler season for red snapper recreationally caught as a part of the Pilot Program. These restrictions follow that program.

  • Private anglers need a permit or license for Florida to fish for red snapper (this does not apply to those who fish with Boggy Bayou).
  • Private anglers are being advised by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to sign up for the Gulf Reef Fish Survey, free of cost, to participate in the recreational red snapper season.
  • Adhere to the requirements for landing in Florida state.
  • Florida’s Red Snapper Season 2019 for private anglers is June 11- July 12 in state waters with a possible reopen in fall if quota is available. State waters are from shore to 9 nautical miles into the Gulf of Mexico. Beyond 9 miles is considered federal waters.
  • The bag limit is 2 red snappers per person, and you cannot sell these fish.
  • The minimum size is 16 inches in length.

When you follow these guidelines, you contribute to the growing population of the red snapper species. These practices are meant to ensure there are red snappers for years after this season ends.

2019 Quota and Catch Target

The quota for both recreational and commercial sectors fishing for red snapper in the Gulf is 15.1 million pounds whole weight. Of that total, 49% goes for recreational catches, amounting to 7,399,000 pounds!

Destin, Florida Fishing Charters for Red Snapper Season

Sunny days and great fishing are abundant in Destin. Join the anglers who choose Destin for their offshore fishing trips. Boggy Bayou fishing charters are great for both professional and novice anglers, and children are welcome! There are several cruises to choose from, and we have several happy anglers to show off who thoroughly enjoyed our service. Contact us now at 850-499-6644 for your next Destin deep sea fishing charter.

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