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Boggy Bayou Guide Service offers a wide array of fishing and non-fishing services. However, for those out there that are adrenaline junkies and thrill seekers, Shark Fishing in Destin is for you. Boggy offers Shark specific fishing charters aboard our 32 foot Albemarle Sport Fishing boat. 

Very frequently on our normal charters, we catch sharks by accident, however on our shark trips we go the extra distance and go to shark hotspots that are known to hold nice sharks.

What types of Shark do you catch on these Shark fishing trips?

Owner/ operator Captain Jayson Self specializes in a fun, fast-paced “more fishing less running” style fishing.

You can customize your Shark fishing experience around what you want to do.

On these trips you can expect to catch: 

  • The ever feared Bull Shark
  • The high flying Spinner Shark
  • Black Tips
  • Tiger Sharks
  • Hammerheads
  • Bar Sharks
  • And more!
Shark Trip
You will find that the longer shark trips (greater than 4 hours are typically more successful because it gives your captain more time to try several spots. Sometimes it takes a little while to chum them up. 
This being said on your shark fishing charter we recommend a 5-6 hour trip. On this trip, we will also drop for bottom fish while we wait for the prominent shark bite. 

What bait?

Most of the time you captain will use Bonita or Bluefish that has been previously caught but very often we will catch some fresh Bonita which can be almost as much fun as the shark fishing itself. Bonitas are very plentiful in the summertime and are most sharks favorite bait.

Can we Bring the Shark on board?

Your Captain will always do the safe thing for you and your crew. We will always make sure that the crew can get great pictures for to take home and to save the awesome memories. 
If the shark is edible and you and your party want to eat the shark we will safely bring the shark on the deck and bring it back to the dock for cleaning. 
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