Shark fishing trip - destin fl

Shark Fishing in Destin FL

Shark Fishing in Destin FL

Destin has some of the best shark fishing anywhere in the world, destin used to host an annual shark tournament every summer up to the early 90’s except for 2006 when destin had on last shark tournament. Shark fishing in destin can be broke up into two different styles:

  1. Near shore drift and sight fishing for blacktip and spinners, there’s always a chance to catch other species like this also but those are the two main ones. Blacktips and spinners average 30-60lbs an offer a very exciting fight for all ages, spinners will often times jump and spin giving an awesome acrobatic show. These smaller sharks are great for a fast bite and action, small enough to pull in the boat hold, get some pictures and release. Don’t let the size fool you they are pound for pound the toughest fish in the ocean, they can bring the biggest men to their knees. These sharks are good to eat and are legal to keep, boggy doesn’t like to kill sharks just for fun so if you want to keep one we encourage you to take the meat.
  2. Offshore on anchor for tigers, bulls, dusky and sand bar sharks to name a few. This style of fishing we would anchor up on a wreck or a piece of bottom and chum, the sharks you would catch this way tend to be bigger with an average weight of 125-250lbs with an occasional real big one weighing in around 400lbs (those typically are tiger sharks and bull sharks). This would be the ultimate challenge for any angler, a true trophy. Most of the big sharks are not legal to keep and to big to get on the boat so these would be held boat side for pictures and then released.

The biggest shark to date caught by the boggy bayou crew is a 765.6 tigger shark caught during the 2006 destin shark tournament and that was the last shark tournament destin has had. The shark fish continues to be absolutely phenomenal here in destin, boggy bayou try’s to be good stewards of our oceans and the resources God has given us so there will be plenty of these beautiful creatures for generations to come.

Come book your shark fishing trip in Destin with Boggy Bayou Guide Service and do battle with one of the oceans top predators. Hope to see you down on the docks, have a blessed day.


  1. […] In the last two decades, shark fishers have focused on smaller prey. And we'll mention that even smaller prey is pretty darn big. Blacktips and spinners average 30-60 pounds! […]

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