Spring is finally here

Spring is here bringing with it warmer weather, blossoming of new flowers and the beginning of life and it’s no different out on the water.

As the seasons change from the cold winter months to the hot summer months spring brings a pleasant mix of both (sometimes) but one thing for sure is the abundance of life showing up just off the beaches of Destin.
With big schools of baitfish showing up they are quickly followed by bonita, spanish mackerel and king mackerel that are taking advantage of this all you can eat buffet. These fish make for fun trips, good fight and are a great hook and cook option for the family after your trip (highly recommend harbor docks!)
Where you find the mackerel and bonita chasing the baitfish you will also see sharks moving in to feast on the mackerels. Black tip and spinner sharks can be see cruising the shallow waters just off the beaches in the green water or just off the second sandbar. These sharks average anywhere from 30-60lbs and offer an exciting battle with some of the spinner sharks breaching the water when they first get hooked giving you an arial acrobatic show.
These sharks are small enough to pull on the boat, get some pictures and then released back into the water. These sharks are edible, if you wanted to keep one to eat that would be fine as long as they meet the fwc requirements.
Don’t miss out on this hot spring time action! Book your trip with “Boggy Bayou Guide Service” and go fishing on the charter vessel “King of Kings” and enjoy a relaxing trolling trip for mackerel’s and bonita or try your hand in an epic shark battle.
Hope to see you on the docks and have a blessed day!