Top Items to Pack on a Destin Fishing Charter

You’ve arrived in sunny Destin, Florida, and it’s time to start your vacation itinerary. First on your list is a Destin fishing charter in the Gulf of Mexico. Preparing for your excursion is simple and easy as long as you know what to bring along. This important step involves several factors for a successful packing process so your trip is enjoyable and comfortable. Use this guide of tips and tricks to make your fishing voyage worry free.

Being Prepared for a Destin Fishing Charter

Weather at sea can be very unpredictable, so the clothes you wear should offer protection for quick changes. Florida’s coasts usually offer plenty of sunny weather, but it still pays to prepare for heavy rain so you can enjoy yourself no matter what.  Many of the items we recommend in this article are things you probably already have at home; if not, you can get them for extremely affordable prices at most stores.

Bring Rain Gear

Seaspray, rain, and a fish that likes to splash will make you appreciate the fact that you remembered to bring a raincoat or water-resistant windbreaker. The combination of wind and wetness will make you feel chilly, and this type of layering will add a touch of warmth once you need it.

Keep Your Clothing Light

It’s Destin, Florida, so there’s a lot of sunshine that will heat you up as the day progresses. Wearing light clothing, such as water shorts and a lightweight long or short-sleeved shirt, will help minimize the sun’s rays while letting air circulate and cool you off. You may consider wearing just your bathing suit, but extra layers of clothing add much-needed protection against the elements.

Wear a Hat and Sunglasses

Hats are an obvious choice to bring on your fishing charter, but if you forget one, you’re going to  wish you hadn’t. That’s because hats help to keep the sun out of your eyes and face.

Another critical item you absolutely should not forget is your sunglasses. Polarized sunglasses are the best option to protect your eyes against the sun’s glare. Water reflects light, which can make it hard to see the fish you catch and cause eye exhaustion later.

Use Sunblock to Protect Your Skin and Health

Whether it’s a cloudy day or crystal clear and sunny, sunburns can happen. Reflection of sunlight off the waters will also bake your skin, and this causes painful casting and possibly sun sickness. Avoid ruining your experience in this way and put on some sunblock with an SPF of at least 50. You should also protect your lips by bringing along chapstick that has an infusion of SPFas well.

Bring a Small Medical Pack

While it’s crucial that you book your fishing charter with a company prepared for minor injuries during your excursion, it doesn’t hurt to bring a little bit of your own supplies too. Sometimes people suffer from motion sickness associated with boating on the beautiful waters in Destin, Florida, but medication resolves this pretty easily if you take it an hour before setting out.

Another nice addition to a small medical kit is hand sanitizer. You have your hands covered in fish oils and ocean water residue, so you can’t just reach into the bag of chips for a handful. A small keychain-size bottle will easily last your entire trip and not take up a lot of space.

Bring Healthy Snacks

When out in the sun on a fishing trip, it’s vital to stay hydrated and well fed to combat the prolonged exposure to the elements. Bring along an insulated water bottle to keep your drinks cool throughout your trip. If possible, check ahead with your charter provider to find out if there is an onboard cabin with a fridge or if you can bring a cooler with you.

Easy to eat snack foods with lots of nutrients are also essential so you don’t lose energy during a fight with a king mackerel. We recommend quick energy foods like granola bars, dried fruit chips, and some delicious smoked jerky.

Capture Your Fun

Don’t forget to bring your camera with extra batteries and storage cards. While many charters offer group photos, you will want to capture more personal moments during your adventure. A waterproof camera pouch is a necessity so you don’t lose your favorite phone or camera to the deep abyss of the ocean.

Book Your Destin Fishing Charter Today

As you can see, proper preparation for your fishing trip isn’t difficult. You may even see this phase of your vacation plans as being highly motivating and find yourself getting even more excited. The main objective for this step of your adventure is to ensure your comfort and preparedness so that you enjoy every moment of your experience.

Book a Destin fishing charter of your lifetime with Boggy Bayou for an exhilarating deep-sea angling experience. You won’t regret experiencing why Boggy Bayou is the premier charter company in Destin, Florida. With state-of-the-art sonar and other necessary equipment on board, your private or group charter adventure will bring memories for years to come. Contact us today at 850-499-6644 for your next Destin deep sea fishing charter.


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