Top Reasons to Take Kids Deep Sea Fishing

Deep sea fishing is the perfect family adventure that participants of almost any age will enjoy. Some of the most amazing memories you can create with your children are fishing in the deep ocean and seeing their catch erupt from the dark waters beneath your boat. If you’re wondering what awaits you by taking your child on a chartered deep sea fishing trip, consider some of the reasons listed below, and book your excursion soon.

Strengthen Your Family Bond

Working together as a team to catch a red snapper or other amazing fish brings a family closer. In an age of digital media and smartphone entertainment, it’s easy to develop a disconnect between you and your child. Real life one on one time is critical to their development, and taking your child on a boat trip means they have to leave the digital devices behind and spend quality time with you.

Deep Sea Fishing Teaches Patience

We’ve all heard the saying about good things coming to those who wait, and deep sea fishing is an exercise in that kind of thinking. Spending the day with your child while fishing for some of the ocean’s marvels will show your child how patience pays off when they catch their first big one. This is a life lesson we should all practice more often.  

Your Child Catches Your Dinner

Children love the opportunity to provide for their families, and fishing is a great way for them to experience this satisfaction at any age. Boggy Bayou offers a hook and cook service where we prepare your fish in a separate bag to have cooked at one of the local restaurants once we’re back ashore. Our friends over at Harbor Docks, one of the premier seafood restaurants in town, will serve up your freshly caught fish any way you want it.

Deep Sea Fishing Makes Lifelong Memories

Without a doubt, one of the biggest draws for taking a child deep sea fishing is the lifetime memories you create together. This recreational pastime has brought families closer for many years while creating enjoyable tales surrounding the fish caught and all the fun moments from that day. Anyone will tell you how fishing was one of the more memorable activities they enjoyed with their family as a child.

Deep Sea Fishing is Educational Fun

Any parent will tell you that kids need activities that are engaging and entertaining. Fishing provides that while getting away from the daily pressures of school and extracurriculars. The thrill and adrenaline rush your child experiences, from the first strike on the line by the fish all the way through fighting and reeling it in will be memorable. Add in the educational factor of learning about the types of fish and other sea life that are present in the waters; this will help deepen their appreciation for nature and the ocean around them.

Book a Destin Deep Sea Fishing Charter

At Boggy Bayou, we welcome children of all ages to come and experience the wonders of the open ocean and experience deep sea fishing at its finest. Chartering with our company means you and your child will experience a personalized day of bonding as you cruise around the Gulf and favorite fishing spots within Destin. We prioritize your day according to what your goals are and make every step of your adventure comfortable and interactive, so there’s never a dull moment.  


Book a Destin deep fishing charter of a lifetime with Boggy Bayou and learn what an exhilarating deep-sea angling experience is all about. You won’t regret choosing one of the premier charter companies because we offer state-of-the-art sonar and provide other necessary equipment for your trip. If you’re ready to plan your memory making excursion, contact us today at 850-499-6644 for your next Destin deep sea fishing charter.


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