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Triggerfish Season Destin Florida

Grey triggerfish, delicacy of the sea.

Triggerfish is one of the best tasting fish in the gulf but that wasn’t always the case, back in the middle of the 1900’s triggerfish was considered a trash fish and was thrown back until one brave soul kept one and tried it and there was born one of the best culinary discoveries the ocean as to offer. Bet whoever tried the first one wishes they kept that a secret.

Triggerfish has some of the most succulent meat in the ocean, it kind of has a lobsteresque texture and flavor to the meat that make it different from other fish, hence the nick name “poor mans lobster” which as turned this once trash fish into one of the most sought after fish in the Gulf of Mexico.

Triggerfish is a flat grey fish with solid wavy fins towards the back of the body, it has two unique spike fins on the top of the body that act as a lock and trigger mechanism that is where the triggerfish get its name from. The average size is 1-2 lbs with some mid sizes in the 3-4 ranges anything bigger than that is called a banjo by locals because of the musical instrument shape it represents.

Don’t let the size fool you triggerfish is a tough fighting fish, because of its flat body they are able to swim on their side and almost lock in a stall mate with the angler especially if you hook 2 or 3 at a time and they are all swimming in different directions.

The triggerfish season opens March 1-May 31 and then reopens August 1 or until the quota is caught, which mean they may not reopen in August if the quota is caught between March and May.

The bag limit is one per person with a minimum size limit of 15” to the fork of the tail. So don’t hesitate, book a trip to try and catch these very hard fighting an extremely tasty fish.

Hope to see you all on the docks, have a blessed day!

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