7 Shark Fishing Tips for Your Destin, Florida Vacation

A mako shark being held on a boat in Destin, Florida.

Calling all adventure junkies! *Cue Jaws theme song* Have you ever hunted for an apex predator? As in a big, muscular, elusive shark? *Duunnn dunnn. . . Duuunnn duun. . . Duunnnnnnn dun dun dun dun dunnnnnnnnn dunnn* No!? Then you’ve been missing out! Shark fishing charters are continuing to gain popularity as one of…

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Bring in a Bounty: 7 Tips to Make Your Destin Fishing Charter Trip Count!

Did you know that Destin, Florida’s harbor is home to the largest fleet of charter boats in the entire state? There’s a reason for that! Destin has some of the most accessible deep sea fishing in the Gulf! Within miles of the shore, anglers find themselves in water that is anything but shallow. (And anything…

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